For the love of ….Thanksgiving!

Cover of my Thanksgiving Dinner Planning Notebook!

Cover of my Thanksgiving Dinner Planning Notebook!

I present, The Holiday Menu: easy and yummy!  Links to the recipe that we will be using ^^ ( in case anyone needs a last minute menu ! )  You’ll notice, most are from Martha Stewart. As far as I’m concerned, her word is the final word in all things kitcheny (add to dictionary).

Appetizers ( AKA, what I’m eating while I’m cooking)

Main Dish:

  • Old Fashion Turkey (PS if starting in less than 24 hours, try using fresh herbs instead…it’ll impart flavor, keep it moist, and seem super chic!)




for the love of …Hot Cocoa! ( & free Printables)

Holly Smokes it’s been cold here in Kansas!  BUT…..I got my Limited Edition “Snow Day” Birch Box!   Which has lots of really great wintery pick-me-ups such as….. Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows!   Love it!

Brought it all to the office to share ( Except the marshmallows…”don’t be mess’n with my marshmallows!”) and set up a fun little cookies and cocoa spread.

Love how everything turned out….check it out!  Printouts were found Here!

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My yellow ran out so everything has that fun antique / washed out look!  Love when an accident becomes beautiful!

Stay tuned for a quick DIY bamboo Tongs Tutorial to night!  I made these for the marshmallow jar.

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