Centerpiece: oversize glass

Make a quick anytime centerpiece with oversize containers and some silk flowers. These are two things I make sure I always have lying about the house and at work. My top 3 reasons are listed below.

On to the Project!


  • 1 oversize container (I invest in glass: see why below)
  • 1 bushel of flowers ( if using silk flowers, I tend to buy the individual stems)


Work in the general area that you want your centerpiece to sit, Begin filling the centerpiece with 1 flower first, get a feel for how they sit inside. Lift the first flower out and use it as a template to twist and gather your other blooms. ( Make sure to test for fit every 3 blooms or so, because some times the perfect bouqet won’t fit back into the container! Personal experience…sigh….)

Tips and Tricks:

If using silk or paper flowers, keep the stems. Don’t cut the stems just because they don’t fit this time. I bent the stems and leaves around the rim of the container while I dropped the final arrangement in…and it magically fills the container ( so no ribbons marbles needed!)

If using pre-made bouquets, cut the spike off and separate the stems as you like.

If upcycing a damaged container, make sure the bulk of the arrangement will hide it, or grab an old scarf and use it as draping to hide the cracks.

If using live flowers, think about keeping things short. create your bouquet inside the container instead of over and above it!

New at blogging and tutorials, feel free to contact me if anything is unclear or I should add more picks.

Why I always keep silk flowers and oversize containers around the house:

Silk flowers are amazingly versitile:

  • Good pick-me-ups in the winter
  • Make great accessories if I’m in a pinch
  • Scruffy brush substitute on a large canvas!

Oversize containers are excellent at holding stuff (duh!)

  • Simple designs that draw the eyes to a space
  • Reusable for parties, nick-knacks, terrarium, or vase
  • makes a really cool gift bag (if I’m in a pinch)

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