For the Love of…..Leather Trinkets

I love leather accessories ( sorry PETA….) neutrals, dyed, textured and so forth.  A leather accessory will last until your grandkids have grandkids and make great keepsakes; whenever possible, I make the investment and treat myself and close-ones to something nice.  (Yup, that means I raid the department stores whenever Coach or Michael Kors is on sale!)

But, sometimes the branded leather goods just don’t have the look I’m going for (which is kawaii-ness. Asian sisters, you feel me? ).  As a long time crafter the thought ” just make it yourself” often came up..but leather DIY’s have always seemed kinda daunting for some reason ( maybe because they always come out looking great !?!) .

Now that I’m not in school anymore and working with the rents, (ie I’m a daily  Whimseybox  project surfer), I realize there are a lot  of really cool and easy leather projects out there.

On the top of my list to DIY List are these mini-organizers and this really awesome looking Hairclip ( I think I am going to tweek these  into a necklace ^^ )

Stay tuned for Pics and tutorials

Pics and Tutorial here ^^

PS, if you know any fun leather DIY’s ( that are easy…..) Please Share!


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