What I’m Making….Leather DIY’s

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So….Working with leather is AWESOME! ( yup there’s a singing awesome in there).   Pics and Tutorials first, but read below for more about my discovery of Scrap Packs and Michaels mobile coupons! As I mentioned in my post here, I am using the tutorials I found over at Whimseybox  ,  Monstercircus always posts some awesome DIY’s check out her blog here! This is my take on her no sew organizers. Take a look at my new Leather Collection (calling it: Look What I made – Leather!) Tutorial:

  • Used MonsterCircus’s DIY leather pouch and DIY cord organizers toutorials for inspiration and how-to’s
  • found kawaii images on bing image search ( bing searches = starbucks giftcards and I’m totally bribable 😉 )

Materials (read about my shopping journey below):

  1. Leather scraps
  2. Leather cords
  3. fabric glue
  4. template images

How To: The key changes I made to Monstercircus’s original tutorial was using animal cut outs and drawing designs with fabric markers.

  1. print out or sketch your templates
  2. find 2 pieces of leather that will fit your template
  3. transfer your template ( use transfer paper or the GTAN method – see below)
  4. cut out your pieces
  5. glue your pieces together ( make sure to leave a gap wide enough for your leather cords)


  1. The back doesn’t have to be the same size
  2. pocket can be in the back or the front
  3. transferred templates look cool too.
  4. try different colors!
  5. Finish the edges
  6. Let the paint dry completely before handling
  7. Embelish!

et voila! how did your DIY weekend turn out ?

Shopping Journey: So I stopped by Michaels to buy some leather sheets ( they have great coupons here that work straight from your phone!) and I discovered leather scrap packs!  I picked up the cheapest one .5lbs for $3,99 ($2.40 after coupon ^^).  The pack had 6-7 long triangle strips of suede and a bundle of leather cording. I totally discovered a new supply source!  This pack turned into 6 great little accessories/ chord organizers/ hidden key holders. Later, I picked up another pack of regular leather scraps (different location = different stuff) this time it was 1lb for $6.99 ($4.20 after coupon! ).  This time I had the choice between colored leather ( red ) or suede, mmmm….colors….  I went with the red pack ( why, not? ) and this pack was a really great steal too! Inside the red leather scraps were two 8×10 sheets of REALLY pretty tanned leather, 8 grey (hard) leather 2×2 leather squares, and a bunch of really cool metallic, embossed and textured scraps.  Sadly no leather cords, but I still have a whole spool left from the last pack.

GTAN Method: ( my HS pre-calc teacher’s catch phrase…it kinda like Sheldon’s “Bazinga”, hehehe…) GTAN method for transferring Trigonometry graphs (or in this case…kawaii templates ^^):  “turn paper over, hold up to a window, use a pencil to shade in the areas along the lines….that big solid spot ?  leave it blank – you won’t be tracing there!”


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