Flag garland without glue! Tutorial

I’m recycling some old decorations into new ones for NYE, check out this spiffy no glue flag garland!  (Pics only for today, maybe more words later?)


Awesome Last Minute Gifts That you can Print !

Here’s 8 Last minute Printables that will make great gifts!

And they’re just in time for the “wait, we’re having one of those this year !?!” Secret Santa exchanges  and any other  ” oh, you got me a gift…….um….I left yours out in the car ?” awkwardness.

ranked according to how quickly you need to have the gift ready:

  1. Small Desk or Pocket 2014 calender from Elegance and Enchantment. Print these out on card stock, add some office supplies and your good to go !
  2.  Super awesome gift tags from The Plumed Nest.  Print these out and bundle some candy from the vending machine ( at least it looks like you planned to buy the candy from the start ;D )
  3. Fun Holiday Printable Wall Art from So Here’s My Life.  Print these out and pop it into a picture frame ( add a Tag from the previous link and voila! )
  4. Chic Bottle tags from Elegance and Enchantment. Print these out and run out for a bottle of Wine, Voss or a Pack of beans from the nearest Coffee house!
  5. Puntastic “Soda-Lighted” gift label by I Heart Nap Time. Print these carton label, glue and you’re set ( corny but set ;D)
  6. Uber Fun “Photo Props” from Elegance and Enchantment.  Print these out, cut and scatter for a great time ( and maybe no one will notice you didn’t bring your assigned potluck item? )
  7. Make a cute notebook/ planner with Christmas Cards by following my tutorial here . If you have more timeor this one by Henry Happened, or this one by Morning Creativity
  8. Handy Dandy Mini Matchbook Notebooks.  Print out any of these amazing backgrounds or graphics by Perskety Prints and follow this easy tutorial by Brit.co for making notes magic.

Have fun!

LAST MINUTE Christmas Tree Idea!

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Finally came up for some air and noticed an extreme lack of Christmas Decor ?
Fix it by going old-school with this Throw back to Charlie Brown’s ( sad )Christmas Tree.

  1. grab some scissors and go for a walk;
  2. find an evergreen with nice branches low to the ground and cut off a branch
  3. thank the tree for contributing breathable oxygen!
  4. Take the branch back
  5. plop it into a vase or planter
  6. Lastly, add a red Christmas ornament to finish off the “tree”.

Now you’re festive, culturally relevant, and ironic all at once!


Cosplay for Culture!

The holiday season is upon us and for most people that means Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years….well I’m Asian, and my dad’s super involved in the AA community so….Cosplay for Culture is an annual event at our house!  Check out my costume for Nelson’s Chinese New Year event!

Catherine Cosplay 7

and if you happen to be in the KC area, here’s more information about Nelson Atkin’s Chinese New Year Event! (I’m in the Temple Gallery, Photo Op’s Welcome ^^)

Please, no creepers