For the love of dr. brandt® microdermabrasion

drbrandt_microdermabrasion_900x900 (1)

This stuff rocks my socks ( and rough patches ) off! 

I got to try a sample of  this in one of my first birchboxes, but was too chicken to use it until Thanksgiving ( gotta look good for the family photo 😉 )  After using it once I regret not using it sooner – could have had great skin walking into the Catching Fire Premier 😦

On first use, the product is very light with a nice citrus scent.  I used a standard face-wash amount and worked it onto my face in a circular motion. It’s a gentle a ‘scrub’ So basically I thought nothing was happening but once I was out of the shower….man, skin was baby soft!  Extra Plus is the great ambiguous citrus scent. For me, the scent kind of lingers on the skin for a while  and I like it enough that it doesn’t bother me.  However, for people who aren’t too keen on the citrus smell, I have found that the scent fades rather quickly if I wash my face with a mild cleanser ( baking soda by Etude House) after exfoliating or if I apply a gentle/ moisture rich toner (omija whitening by skin foods).

The pic is for the small full size product ( coming in at $80  for 2 oz, YIKES!) but it might be worth it in the long run…I haven’t decided yet, so much mulah (T . T)!

Dr.Brandt is an established and reputable Korean brand, I believe ( always was geared towards the ahjuma instead of youths ), and they’ve successfully penetrated the US market and major retailers so, this can be found pretty much anywhere (if you’re a birchboxer , sephorian or get it straight from Dr.Brandt.)

Small disclaimer/Introduction:  All options are mine and I have not been compensated for this bit of Cyber Love.  Birch box is a monthly beauty and lifestyle subscription for $10, click here to join (you get a discount, I get bonus points.  “oh, yeah!”) I’m pretty much a birchbox addict, but that’s my own choice and own money spent.


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