Kc Restaurant Week 2014 review

Restaurant Week is over.
“No, say it isn’t so!”
“It is so…..”

I’m gushing over my KCRW2014 experience, I feel ( for the most part ) restaurants are really embracing the dine-out rush and the spirit of the event.  I want to say everything and anything good about the steak, service, and experience, but alas this isn’t a food blog

“Topicality is essential to maintaining an informative and lively discussion”  Debater’s Handbook circa 2003 )

so I will stick to a brief one review on all of the restaurants I visited and my plans for next year!

Favorite restaurant for 2014: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.
The 500 degree plate sealed the deal, simple and true to its ingredients, but still so yummy! ( -.5 for taking my dessert before I was done 😦 )

Pierponts Steakhouse
Great new additions to the menu ( and they offer a similar menu year-round! )

McCormick and Schmidt
Food was great, service was not.

Fogo De Chao
Came twice, over opinion: Too busy to stay awesome; the long waiting time grated on my nerves. However, it’s a good time to really take in what the salad bar has to offer.

Plaza III
Food is true to its ingredients, but rather bland and overall boring. Go to Houston’s or save up for Ruth’s Chris.

Full reviews for the restaurants are on Yelp ( I’ve got 2 accounts so Message me if you can’t find me ) and they are fairly extensive …..I’m trying to make it to Yelp Elite, Can you tell ?

Top Picks for 2015

  • Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
  • Capital Grille
  • McCormick and Schmidts
  • North

Hope you enjoyed this small culinary adventure; Check out OpenTable to find a Restaurant week near you!

Just realized I’ve been collecting doilies from all of the restaurants I visited so a Craft tutorial should be coming soon! ( aha! I AM still on topic 😀 ) 


Pearl Rings and Things

Saw this super gorgeous pearl ring tutorial over at Whimseybox yesterday and I just had to try it out!  What do you think?

Here’s a cluster of rings

A few delicate pendents

Some Bracelets

Check out SwellMayde for the full How To’s!

While I was at it, I decided to dive back into my “recycle these” pile for some glass beads!  What to DIY next?

KC Restaurant Week!

Kansas City Restaurant Week is Here!

Who’s excite !?!  Restaurant Week is probably the coolest invention ever – no joke.  KCRW combines my favorite 3 things, Great food, New discoveries, and Philanthropy!

So you’ve been living on a deserted island for the past 10 years and don’t know what Restaurant week is?

Well, Restaurant week is a city-wide fundraising event organized by restaurant associations to help raise funds for local charities. Area restaurants prepare 2-course lunch menus as well as 3 or 4-course dinner menus, each costing $15 or $33 dollars respectively.  Kansas City Restaurant week traditionally benefits Harvesters which stocks neighborhood food pantries.  

There’s more restaurants participating this year that last and most are offering really great menus! ( and remember, you’re helping local charities raise funds during a traditionally slow Fund-raising period! )

( here’s my spiffy KCRW Planner to help you during your KCRW Planning straight!)

KCRW is unlike anything else in the WORLD ( might be a hyperbole , but I doubt it!)  I save-up all my post Holiday meet-up for this period.

 Go out, have fun, and savor those ‘philanthropy endorphins’ because you deserve it!

Call me for a dinner date!