KC Restaurant Week!

Kansas City Restaurant Week is Here!

Who’s excite !?!  Restaurant Week is probably the coolest invention ever – no joke.  KCRW combines my favorite 3 things, Great food, New discoveries, and Philanthropy!

So you’ve been living on a deserted island for the past 10 years and don’t know what Restaurant week is?

Well, Restaurant week is a city-wide fundraising event organized by restaurant associations to help raise funds for local charities. Area restaurants prepare 2-course lunch menus as well as 3 or 4-course dinner menus, each costing $15 or $33 dollars respectively.  Kansas City Restaurant week traditionally benefits Harvesters which stocks neighborhood food pantries.  

There’s more restaurants participating this year that last and most are offering really great menus! ( and remember, you’re helping local charities raise funds during a traditionally slow Fund-raising period! )

( here’s my spiffy KCRW Planner to help you during your KCRW Planning straight!)

KCRW is unlike anything else in the WORLD ( might be a hyperbole , but I doubt it!)  I save-up all my post Holiday meet-up for this period.

 Go out, have fun, and savor those ‘philanthropy endorphins’ because you deserve it!

Call me for a dinner date!



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