So….I’ve discovered a new subscription box…… filled with cute things…… this could get dangerous, folks!

Straight from Qbox’s website:

”  Q Box is a lifestyle subscription box, which contains 5-7 full size cute items, delivered every month right to your doorstep.

There is not recurring billing.You will been charged only once.

Quantity limited for monthly box. To ensure get the Q BOX every month, you can choose the prepaid plans for 3-month or 6-month. We ship out the boxes for plan customers every month by 15th.

Enjoy your Q BOX and share with friends. “

March is all sold out, BUT April’s Qbox is available for preorder ( and there’s a $10 off promo on the order page! ) There’s also a Special Edition “Hello, Spring” mega box ( valued at $150! ) available too – check out these sneak peeks!

Qbox sneak peak LE spring

Qbox sneak peak LE spring 2

The Cost:  Monthly box $24.95 + $7.50 S/H

Hello, Spring! $59.95   + $7.50 S/H

I’m totally psyched about this new subscription, but I haven’t committed to either box yet ( even after reading  Liz’s QBox Review )

Any Qbox subscribers out there?  How does Qbox stack up to other curated boxes out there?


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