Fav Supply of the Moment: Leather Scrap Packs

Tons of inspiration this week and all of it has to do with Leather crafting, Woot!  Honestly, I couldn’t get anything done without the AMAZING  leather scrap packs from Michaels.  Every pack includes lots of different colors and textures, so there’s always an inspired project I have to scribble down while I’m finishing project A. Yes, that would be my limited  attempt at self control; “finish project A before starting project B” (Pompom rug not included, cause JYT is going to help out and I don’t want to deprive her of PomPom making times ^^ )

Each pack is listed at 1 pound for $6.99, but I always have a 40% off coupon ( or two if I’m hosting a class or craft-athon ) so  each pack is closer to 4.60 with tax built in.  I’ve always been a fan of variety packs, but this is some super value thrown in ^^.  I’ve made some great leather luggage tag holders  as gifts and now I’m starting on brackets and gift tags! (LOL My BFF’s are probably sick of all my amateurish leather crafts by now, but I just can’t stop!)

Here’s some Pictures of the “unboxing” in 2 separate occasions.

This pack had some really Great colors and very generous “scraps”

This pack had really fun embossed and Metallic prints ( but also lots of very small scraps to “fill” the weight requirements.

Each pack has its own surprises and I’ve finally figured out how to make leather laces so there will be an influx of Leather DIY’s coming soon.

Check out my leather projects in the instagram feed –>

Remember, a craft a day, keeps the crazy away 😉


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