Tangram Murals! a new take on Geometry


Another work mural featuring geometric shapes!  But this one’s inspired by one of my favorite  childhood  games/toys-Tangrams!  What is a Tangram? well….it looks like this



Look familiar? I though it might, these 7 shapes can make almost anything! I remember my grandmother and I used to make weird adaptations like Hello Kity, snoopy and Doraimon; but my favorites have always been the traditional bunch:bunny, fox, swan, flying bird.  This is a super fun and easy DIY for Big projects like my office murals or smaller projects that fit in a picture frame.  Read on for some tips on making you own Super Size tangram mural.

First, decide on a size.  I super-sized my shapes ( my wall is 6’x14′) but I didn’t want to go buy giant ( read, expensive ) paper, so I figured out all the right proportions to make a Large Tangram using standard letter size paper.   This took up take up 3 sheets of paper and I had some spare pieces left, but hey I have a 12″ x 12″ tangram!

Second, decide on a color  I picked blue ( I knew I wanted to make a bunny and…bunnies just scream blue to me ^^)  Optional, add other colors that compliment or offset your main tangram design.

Third, create your tangram shapes  generally speaking a tangram can be made from 1 square so use a premade template like the one above or see below for my guidelines on Super-sized shapes.

Forth, decide on your shape I googled “Tangram templates” and found a TON of helpful pictures.  For anyone interested in a long term investment, look for tangram books or puzzle kits! I posted a “bunny by numbers” picture below for anyone who wants to try it out.

Fifth, Build it! ( cue The Lego Movie soundtrack ! )


 Post-it model for Super-Size Tangram below:


( note that there are some extra pieces….. 1 extra #7 and 3 extra #4’s )

Here’s a Template for the bunny based on the numbered tangram

Bunny by Numbers




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