Major positive reinforcement this summer!

I’m so excited to announce that I have 3 potential collaborations on the horizon!

First,  I have been accepted as a Whimseybox Influencer! ( pop-pop! )


This is so exciting, but because it means I’ll get some feedback about my projects and possibly extra spending cash!

second collaboration is with the folks over at WeSubtitle, it’s a new survey site opened by DramaFever ( you know, the one site that still shows goodies like Last Scandel ? the funniest and most heartbreaking drama ever?).  It looks like DF is recruiting Subbers with $$.  That’s pretty major ( Don’t fret Viki, we’re not breaking up!).  The deal is, WeS will send out an email notice of a project matching the language I qualified for, I respond with my availability and rate. They’ll email a confirmation if I’m a “good fit” .  Well, that’s totally awkward ( what’s a good rate? is there a required submission window?  Will the vids be segmented?  What if the series turns out to be super boring and I just don’t wanna do it anymore? or worse, what if there’s a super awesome show and I wanna pull a Katniss?)  so yeah, a few questions that probably won’t get answered until the Subbing is on; but it is still an honor to have been nominated ( er….qualify )

third collaboration is super sweet! I’ve been selected as a Darby Smart DIY Designer! ( YEAH! WOOT – WOOT! )

So, not only am I going to be famous! er….possibly – they have to actually like one of projects first, and then someone else needs to like it too ( and buy it ).  But I get a whopping $50 towards my next DS haul!  Which is really nice, but also way too late, my haul was delivered at 10 am this morning  LOL’s.  Saving it for next time.

I’m so excited about all of these creative prospects and opportunities!

I’d like to thank my parents for allowing me the freedom to create and accepting my desire to spend ” future house ” money on supplies, classes and Dramas. This is for my brother who doesn’t “get it” but lets me craft my feelings out over McD’s and Pizza – in his room – watching Dramas. I also want to thank my closest friends who have become my DIY dumping grounds ( you know who you are ) Your unquestioning acceptance of my DIY wares has encouraged me to continue my costly hobby with pride!     I wouldn’t be here without all of your unending support.  This, is for you all !


what are your summer plans?
































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