birchbox Labor Day Offer!

spend $35 and get 50 extra points! ( that equals 85 points – only 15 more until your $10 reward!)  This works on Subs ( and gift subs too ^^)

straight from the horse’s mouth

With only a precious few days of summer remaining, we plan on making the most of them (that’s what long weekends are for, after all). And we’ve got an offer to help you make the most of them too: Spend $35+ on anything in the Shop (even subscriptions), and get 50 extra Points. Just use codeWEEKEND50 at checkout. But don’t delay, since this offer, like summer, is fleeting: It’s only valid through 9/2.**

Oh my goodness, who’s in !?!


Darby Smart Offer!

Exciting News! Darby Smart is offering a Free gift with purchase ! Snag these amazing colored scissors from Poppin for FREE, with any purchase over $20 ( easily done, lemme tell you ).  It’s the perfect time to try one of their kits – like the leather infinity bracelet designed by a totally gifted crafter ( …, me ^^).  Use code CUTSMART



workshop photos!

Rhinestones make everything better- its a fact! That’s why little girls idolize ballerinas and figure skaters ( they sparkle! ).  Well I’m not little anymore but I am definitely a Swarovski girl.  Even my “edgy” statement pieces are littered with swarovski crystals !

Here’s a couple “in progress” shots I took while making bracelets for my sister’s four musketeers.  Someone asked for them…IDK if they follow my ramblings but here they are:

I had to sit on them because 2 of the musketeers can see my Fb and one of them follows me ( i think…..) shug…  Here’s all four of them wearing their new bracelets ( and everyone was wearing the same greens and blues! )

EZ peezy last minute gifts

These super cute ( and useful! ) tags were made in 20 mins – including the drying time.

My parents are heading to CA to meet up with some MIDDLE SCHOOL friends of theirs ( this is a people over 50 weekend)!  This means Gift making is in order.  Donna and Ray are awesome people, but our families aren’t super close so I had to think of something generic but personal all at the same time.  side note: utilitarian items are the ultimate ” I don’t know what you like, but I wanted to get you something”  ( ie everyone could use a nice pen, comfy socks, paperweight. etc ).  I knew wanted to contribute something nice, but I also wanted it to be personal.  Naturally I pulled out my leather boxes ( yeah….its grown to like 3 different boxes ) and started in one some luggage tags ( I’m obsessed with these ^^).   I used scraps from a “farm leather” scrap pack  ( these are thicker and stiffer pieces – like use on boots or saddles )  which gave me a super sleek  – dare I say professional? – finish.   The farm leather is also sturdy enough to leave a pocket in the middle of the tags – so theses can actually be used as luggage tags!  These will also work as bus pass holders or even as an emergency cash stash.

These turned out nicer than I expected, I’m super tempted to keep them ( LOL).