Moon Cakes!

Once a year my house turns into a bakery – for moon cakes!  Yomyomyomyomyom ^^

What ARE moon cakes?  Well, moon cakes are a seasonal ( ready extra starchy ) pastry that typically contains a yummy center wrapped in a cake or pastry crust.  See below for pics of awesomeness – my mom really outdid herself this year!

My family prefers the flaky crust so most of our moon cakes are the pastry variety instead of the cake – but that means  even the “N/G” moon cakes look really cool!.

The red marks  you see on the pastries are part of a  growing bakery tradition.  Long ago, the choices for fillings were kinda slim, but people still had preferences for Red bean vs Mung Bean vs Lutus paste and etc.  So there’s a system for marking these traditional pasteries ( ie. if it’s mung bean filling then 1 dot, if it’s read bean filling than 3 dots) But as bakeries and households started to come up with new flavors or mixes of flavors they started adding new stamps into the mix. But here’s the catch; once you have a new pastry and you mimic the flavor you still use the same shape!  ” how bazaro is that !?!”

There’s some mythical and Practical history behind the continued emphasis on moon cakes during the mid Autumn season, but it’s kind of boring. ( Watch Moon Fairy ( 2003 ) starring Fann Wong and her husband Chris Fong )



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