Traveling like a Pro

I finally have enough miles behind me to contribute my own “travel like a pro” article!  Proceed with caution…….

I’m heading to China for a 2 week business trip tomorrow morning and I still haven’t packed yet.  Here’s why I’m not freaking out:

Packing only takes 45 mins.    Seriously.

I’ve learned to pick my favorites and haul them with everywhere and anywhere. Here’s how I do it.

Plan ahead:  Sometimes international travel gets sprung on me ( thanks, bossman! ) but usually I have enough time to lookup the weather and schedule for the trip.  This is important to know for what goes into the suitcase.

Know  baggage limits: Most airlines have an option to  “calculate baggage allowance” if you click on their baggage policy.   My standard set is 1 CarryOn Suitcase (a purple fauxcroc roller that’s 22″x14″x10″ ) and 1 large Duffle/Weekender ( Coach has great, affordable, and Large leather totes in the Mens store. I totally Approve!).

Pick Appropriate Favorites:  I love sheath dresses for work – the shape is work appropriate and it works for dinners too. The best thing is, designers produce this shape in all sorts of fabrics, colors, and lengths!

China is still in the height of its summer so I’m sticking to Black dresses ( I KNOW I’m going to sweat. Let’s make sure no one can tell where I am sweating, yes? ) I prefer to pack dresses made of cotton jersey because they can be rolled, wrinkles release overnight, and they stretch! (Bloating happens – don’t be caught with clothes that won’t fit )  The best part?  Jersey dresses are easy to wash and usually dry over night. Yay, for recycling 1 article outfits!

I don’t usually pack any chic clothes for the weekends on these trips; a couple of tees and a pair of jeans pretty much does the trick. Sometimes I’ll pack a dress I just bought( or overalls- they’re super comfy and fun) , but never one of my fav weekend outfits. It’s probably out of fear that I might lose them, but it could be that I just know I’ll be too tired to dress nicely on my days off.  I also pack 2 empire waist jersey/cotton dress to sleep in; they are comfy and double as weekend clothes if need be.

Packing Tip: I fold my dress in half width wise, then in half length wise, and roll.  I wear one set of “weekend” clothes for the plane ride ( so I’m not packing the jeans into the suit case ) and reserve on set of “sleep” clothes for my duffle ( just in case of extended delays or lost luggage ).

Shoes: There’s no way to beat it, just pack cute flats.  I used to strut around in heels for appearances sake, but I have found that no one cares.  In fact, wearing heals kinda scares some peoples out in the field.  my go to set is 1 pair black flats, 1 pair white/neutral flats, 1 pair showering shoes(plastic or rubber slippers), 1 pair sandles/heels.

Packing Tip: I place my shoes clear zippered bags ( sheets and bed linens are usually sold in these – so keep them! ) I usually wear one pair of flats and carry my showering shoes in my duffle ( I’ll switch to my showering shoes on the plane )

Personal Hygiene: I’m a subscription box addict, so I’ve got travel sizes of everything! (except toothpaste, no one ever sends tooth paste…….)  I usually just through my latest birchbox or PopSugar Must Have “winning” into my doppe kit ( also from a sub box ) and call it a day.  I do have a few favorites that always go with me, though:

Lait, Creme Concentre, Embryolisse:  If I could take only one “liquids, gels, or aerosols” it would be this!  A wonderful moisturizer that can be applied as a mask on the plane, night creme, primer, and lotion.  This is probably the reason why I look so stellar in my travel pics ;D

Stainiac, The Balm: this is a light weight thin rosy tint for lips, cheeks, and even as an eye color ( it works really well as an all in one )

Packing Tip: all of my “liquids, gels and aerosols” goes into my personal item ( this makes TSA inspection much easier )  Medications and Sheet masks should also come out in a bag.

Electronics and Accessories: I don’t carry a laptop, just a tablet – for fun, my phone – for work and a trip specific notebook. (most of my work on these trips is making sure my boss sticks to his schedule and keep a record of any changes as we go – so the written word is my friend) so I have it pretty easy on this front but I would like to mention the “chord taco” – these guys keep all of my wire neat enough to slide into my tablet case.

Packing Tip: electronics and their accessories should be in your carryon/personal item.  Many countries prohibit any electronic devices ( including power cords and batteries ) inside checked baggage. China, specifically, requires all electronic devices and accessories be scanned by airport security, separate of other items.

**Update:  On this trip to China, I found out that Mobile Batteries or Phone Chargers MUST have the volts, charging amps and storage capacity printed on the device. ( if it’s not there, you are asked to surrender the device – goodbye adorable blue mobile battery)

That’s it!

Happy travels, everyone!

I’m off to pack ^^