Letters to Rudolph – Letter Station How-To

Tomorrow, is December 1st!post-52964-despicable-me-im-so-happy-gif-hivx

I’m so excited for all the wintery things: sweaters, lights, snow and Christmas!!

During this time of the year, we get families with small children that come through the showroom; due to the climate, these kiddos usually hang out with me while the adults do some shopping. In previous years, I just print out some coloring pages or put out some McD toys for their collective playing pleasure. This year, I’ve decided to be extra creative by devised a small letter writing station to Rudolph!20161130_151816

Here’s my set-up:

Santa and his elves are going into major OT, but they’re not the only ones working hard. Reindeer have been training none stop for their once-a-year trip around the globe.  They deserve some love too!

This project really is super simple and there isn’t a ‘right’ way to do it. Grab some paper and let a child’s endless imagination do the rest!  Since my letter station will be in the showroom, I had to stream line the activity – can’t have the kids here all day!

Here’s what I used for my Letter station:

  1. cute Christmas themed stationary ( I found mine online by searching for “Rudolph Letter Template” )
  2. origami envelop skillz ( jk, this tutorial was very easy! )
  3. cup of pencils/markers/pens
  4. not shown: stickers for stamps

I also created an “origin story” on the table for inspiration.  (Rudolph might be a bit OOC, though… ).

Pre-printed the letter pages with the mailing address and fold lines on the back; just in case I’m not around to help with folding.  The Address reads, ” To: Rudolph Reindeer 1234 Dashing Way (get it? ) North Pole 82N114W (these are the coordinates for the “north pole”! I think…)


To finish off my letter station, I upcycled a left-over “Love with Food” box into a mailbox!  Its Red and has a reclosable tab for easy “Letter Retrieval” ^^ .  The front has a plastic pouch which A. hides the logo, and B. It’s a great place to store a sample, in case I’m not around!


Here’s how to make an easy mailbox:

  1. find a tab closed cardboard box 20161129_163023
  2. rotate box to find a single wall side and cut out a small rectangle. (picking a single wall side just makes it easier to cut out the rectangle)20161129_163032
  3. Optional: decorate the box for festive cheer!20161130_151936

If you can’t find a tab-closed box, just decorate a used tissue box (the top opening is the mail entrance and exit. )

The concept is all about getting kids to hand-write letters. Add Rudolph to your list when writing letters to Santa ( and maybe a letter to the elves, too? )  Its a great opportunity for kids to practice writing encouraging messages.

Let me know how it turns out. Happy Holidays, everyone!


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