Happy First-Snow!

It started snowing this morning at work and my inner child is jumping with excitement!


I quickly sketched out this drawing at my desk.  I created snow flakes using white out tape ( does anyone still remember white out pens !?!  That would have been perfect, but inspiration makes MacGyver’s of us all.)catherine-painting

I put together an easy holiday greeting card and stationary with this sketch. Feel free to share it with friends and family this season, but please keep it to personal use only.  Greeting card link.  Stationary Link.

Happy First Snow, Kansas City!



Cosplay for Culture!

The holiday season is upon us and for most people that means Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years….well I’m Asian, and my dad’s super involved in the AA community so….Cosplay for Culture is an annual event at our house!  Check out my costume for Nelson’s Chinese New Year event!

Catherine Cosplay 7

and if you happen to be in the KC area, here’s more information about Nelson Atkin’s Chinese New Year Event! (I’m in the Temple Gallery, Photo Op’s Welcome ^^)

Please, no creepers