Happy First-Snow!

It started snowing this morning at work and my inner child is jumping with excitement!


I quickly sketched out this drawing at my desk.  I created snow flakes using white out tape ( does anyone still remember white out pens !?!  That would have been perfect, but inspiration makes MacGyver’s of us all.)catherine-painting

I put together an easy holiday greeting card and stationary with this sketch. Feel free to share it with friends and family this season, but please keep it to personal use only.  Greeting card link.  Stationary Link.

Happy First Snow, Kansas City!



Thanksgiving: My No-Brainer Menu

Thanksgiving is 10 days away, I haven’t started shopping yet, but here’s my game plan.  Does this post look familiar? Why yes, it does look remarkably similar to my previous Thanksgiving Post ;P)

I included a few helpful links at the bottom to help with inspiration!

Links to the recipe that I will be using ^^ ( in case anyone needs a last-minute menu ! ) You’ll notice, many of these links are from Martha Stewart.  The MSL empire built my culinary foundations, so that’s where I like to search for recipes.

My Thanksgiving Dinner Plan.

 ( AKA, what I’m eating while I’m cooking)

Main Dishes:

  • Old Fashion Turkey
    • I used fresh herbs last year, with veggies in the drip pan.  It was so good! This year, I’m going to try “Flipping the Bird” !
  • Lamb shoulder Chops
    • Apparently my dad  doesn’t like turkey – which I thought was his favorite part of the meal!  …Still trying to wrap my head around the years of deceit, LOL.



  • Croquembouche:
    • Pastry Shells, filled with Whipped Cream
    • one day, the novelty of constructing a tower of concentric circles with creme puffs will get old; but until I’m making one every chance I get ^^
  • Chocolate Pecan Pie
    • the recipe calls for Sorghum syrup, which can be hard to find, I use molasses syrup in a pinch.

…and, that’s a Wrap!

Menu Collections:
Martha Stewart – Lots of Turkey Ideas!
Food Network

Stay on Schedule Articles:
7 Things To Do Now – Martha Stewart
Tips for a Stress Free Thanksgiving – WhatsCookingAmerica
Thanksgiving Countdown Planner – FoodNetwork

I’m using an Excel file to stay organized while I preparing large dinner.  I will share it if anyone is interested; its not pretty, but all the columns and formulas are there.

workshop photos!

Rhinestones make everything better- its a fact! That’s why little girls idolize ballerinas and figure skaters ( they sparkle! ).  Well I’m not little anymore but I am definitely a Swarovski girl.  Even my “edgy” statement pieces are littered with swarovski crystals !

Here’s a couple “in progress” shots I took while making bracelets for my sister’s four musketeers.  Someone asked for them…IDK if they follow my ramblings but here they are:

I had to sit on them because 2 of the musketeers can see my Fb and one of them follows me ( i think…..) shug…  Here’s all four of them wearing their new bracelets ( and everyone was wearing the same greens and blues! )

EZ peezy last minute gifts

These super cute ( and useful! ) tags were made in 20 mins – including the drying time.

My parents are heading to CA to meet up with some MIDDLE SCHOOL friends of theirs ( this is a people over 50 weekend)!  This means Gift making is in order.  Donna and Ray are awesome people, but our families aren’t super close so I had to think of something generic but personal all at the same time.  side note: utilitarian items are the ultimate ” I don’t know what you like, but I wanted to get you something”  ( ie everyone could use a nice pen, comfy socks, paperweight. etc ).  I knew wanted to contribute something nice, but I also wanted it to be personal.  Naturally I pulled out my leather boxes ( yeah….its grown to like 3 different boxes ) and started in one some luggage tags ( I’m obsessed with these ^^).   I used scraps from a “farm leather” scrap pack  ( these are thicker and stiffer pieces – like use on boots or saddles )  which gave me a super sleek  – dare I say professional? – finish.   The farm leather is also sturdy enough to leave a pocket in the middle of the tags – so theses can actually be used as luggage tags!  These will also work as bus pass holders or even as an emergency cash stash.

These turned out nicer than I expected, I’m super tempted to keep them ( LOL).

Tangram Murals! a new take on Geometry


Another work mural featuring geometric shapes!  But this one’s inspired by one of my favorite  childhood  games/toys-Tangrams!  What is a Tangram? well….it looks like this



Look familiar? I though it might, these 7 shapes can make almost anything! I remember my grandmother and I used to make weird adaptations like Hello Kity, snoopy and Doraimon; but my favorites have always been the traditional bunch:bunny, fox, swan, flying bird.  This is a super fun and easy DIY for Big projects like my office murals or smaller projects that fit in a picture frame.  Read on for some tips on making you own Super Size tangram mural.

First, decide on a size.  I super-sized my shapes ( my wall is 6’x14′) but I didn’t want to go buy giant ( read, expensive ) paper, so I figured out all the right proportions to make a Large Tangram using standard letter size paper.   This took up take up 3 sheets of paper and I had some spare pieces left, but hey I have a 12″ x 12″ tangram!

Second, decide on a color  I picked blue ( I knew I wanted to make a bunny and…bunnies just scream blue to me ^^)  Optional, add other colors that compliment or offset your main tangram design.

Third, create your tangram shapes  generally speaking a tangram can be made from 1 square so use a premade template like the one above or see below for my guidelines on Super-sized shapes.

Forth, decide on your shape I googled “Tangram templates” and found a TON of helpful pictures.  For anyone interested in a long term investment, look for tangram books or puzzle kits! I posted a “bunny by numbers” picture below for anyone who wants to try it out.

Fifth, Build it! ( cue The Lego Movie soundtrack ! )


 Post-it model for Super-Size Tangram below:


( note that there are some extra pieces….. 1 extra #7 and 3 extra #4’s )

Here’s a Template for the bunny based on the numbered tangram

Bunny by Numbers



Fav Supply of the Moment: Leather Scrap Packs

Tons of inspiration this week and all of it has to do with Leather crafting, Woot!  Honestly, I couldn’t get anything done without the AMAZING  leather scrap packs from Michaels.  Every pack includes lots of different colors and textures, so there’s always an inspired project I have to scribble down while I’m finishing project A. Yes, that would be my limited  attempt at self control; “finish project A before starting project B” (Pompom rug not included, cause JYT is going to help out and I don’t want to deprive her of PomPom making times ^^ )

Each pack is listed at 1 pound for $6.99, but I always have a 40% off coupon ( or two if I’m hosting a class or craft-athon ) so  each pack is closer to 4.60 with tax built in.  I’ve always been a fan of variety packs, but this is some super value thrown in ^^.  I’ve made some great leather luggage tag holders  as gifts and now I’m starting on brackets and gift tags! (LOL My BFF’s are probably sick of all my amateurish leather crafts by now, but I just can’t stop!)

Here’s some Pictures of the “unboxing” in 2 separate occasions.

This pack had some really Great colors and very generous “scraps”

This pack had really fun embossed and Metallic prints ( but also lots of very small scraps to “fill” the weight requirements.

Each pack has its own surprises and I’ve finally figured out how to make leather laces so there will be an influx of Leather DIY’s coming soon.

Check out my leather projects in the instagram feed –>

Remember, a craft a day, keeps the crazy away 😉