Fun with paper fish

I recently finished a paper koi pond at work (looks pretty cool right ?)


The message in the “pond” spells 福 or the chinese charector for blessings. The fact that I made this charactor using fish is important for cultural reasons; the chinese word for fish “鱼” is a homonym for the surplus “馀”.
All in all, this particular pond represents my wishes for a surplus of blessing in the coming new year.

I found the template for the fish over at this blog. There are also a lot of other fun 红包 or red envelope craft ideas and tutorials on the page too!

The instructions use fun colored “ang pow” these are the red envelopes children receive during Chinese New Year. I didn’t have a huge stack of these envelopes laying around when “inspiration struck” so I used some left over wrapping paper. I recommend using a heavy weight wrapping paper but anything will work – even left over coloring pages.
If you have a design in mind, you can make more fish at once by stacking pages on top of each other and cutting 3-4 fish at once. More the merrier, definitely applies!


Once the fish are made apply tape to the bottom of the fins and tail to atrach them any surf you like.

One or two fish look really cool, too! I taped these two to the middle of our conference  table. The table looks much cooler now 😉


I would love to see your fish ponds, too. Happy fishing !!


for the love of …Hot Cocoa! ( & free Printables)

Holly Smokes it’s been cold here in Kansas!  BUT…..I got my Limited Edition “Snow Day” Birch Box!   Which has lots of really great wintery pick-me-ups such as….. Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows!   Love it!

Brought it all to the office to share ( Except the marshmallows…”don’t be mess’n with my marshmallows!”) and set up a fun little cookies and cocoa spread.

Love how everything turned out….check it out!  Printouts were found Here!

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My yellow ran out so everything has that fun antique / washed out look!  Love when an accident becomes beautiful!

Stay tuned for a quick DIY bamboo Tongs Tutorial to night!  I made these for the marshmallow jar.

20131123_130442 20131123_130502

Centerpiece: oversize glass

Make a quick anytime centerpiece with oversize containers and some silk flowers. These are two things I make sure I always have lying about the house and at work. My top 3 reasons are listed below.

On to the Project!


  • 1 oversize container (I invest in glass: see why below)
  • 1 bushel of flowers ( if using silk flowers, I tend to buy the individual stems)


Work in the general area that you want your centerpiece to sit, Begin filling the centerpiece with 1 flower first, get a feel for how they sit inside. Lift the first flower out and use it as a template to twist and gather your other blooms. ( Make sure to test for fit every 3 blooms or so, because some times the perfect bouqet won’t fit back into the container! Personal experience…sigh….)

Tips and Tricks:

If using silk or paper flowers, keep the stems. Don’t cut the stems just because they don’t fit this time. I bent the stems and leaves around the rim of the container while I dropped the final arrangement in…and it magically fills the container ( so no ribbons marbles needed!)

If using pre-made bouquets, cut the spike off and separate the stems as you like.

If upcycing a damaged container, make sure the bulk of the arrangement will hide it, or grab an old scarf and use it as draping to hide the cracks.

If using live flowers, think about keeping things short. create your bouquet inside the container instead of over and above it!

New at blogging and tutorials, feel free to contact me if anything is unclear or I should add more picks.

Why I always keep silk flowers and oversize containers around the house:

Silk flowers are amazingly versitile:

  • Good pick-me-ups in the winter
  • Make great accessories if I’m in a pinch
  • Scruffy brush substitute on a large canvas!

Oversize containers are excellent at holding stuff (duh!)

  • Simple designs that draw the eyes to a space
  • Reusable for parties, nick-knacks, terrarium, or vase
  • makes a really cool gift bag (if I’m in a pinch)