Printables for Mother’s Day

Wow it’s been a long time since I last posted! ( hope you’ve been keeping up via Instagram 😉 )  So many fun things are happening in the garden – so make sure to double tap your favs!

I thought I’d share a few awesome Mother’s Day cards I found online this week ( since Mother’s Day is quite literally right around the corner).  I’ve also linked the design for a custom card I designed for my Mom!


Printable Cards from the Interwebs (all pics belong their amazing creators! ) Links are in the Description:

and Here’s mine:

我love你 card

you can download the File here

This Card is a lovable mix of Chinese and English (#Chinglish ! ) The text reads ” I love you"half in chinese and half in english.  Definately a throw back to  to my childhood!

Honestly, the dual language develops from a place of desperation.  I wish I could say most of the stories involve times when my siblings and I wanted to explain something important to our parents but couldn’t think of the words in Chinese; how ever it was usually about food! hehehe  Growing up in a mostly Italian-American Catholic school community my parents heard a lot of ” 我要spaghetti !” I’m sure we had some really profound moments too ( as most children do ) but my parents like to remember the petty, everyday, hilarity that ensues over the You Family ” No Speak English ” House Rule. ( which, is a story for another day 😉 )

Happy Mother’d Day Weekend Internet!