Happy First-Snow!

It started snowing this morning at work and my inner child is jumping with excitement!


I quickly sketched out this drawing at my desk.  I created snow flakes using white out tape ( does anyone still remember white out pens !?!  That would have been perfect, but inspiration makes MacGyver’s of us all.)catherine-painting

I put together an easy holiday greeting card and stationary with this sketch. Feel free to share it with friends and family this season, but please keep it to personal use only.  Greeting card link.  Stationary Link.

Happy First Snow, Kansas City!



Printables for Mother’s Day

Wow it’s been a long time since I last posted! ( hope you’ve been keeping up via Instagram 😉 )  So many fun things are happening in the garden – so make sure to double tap your favs!

I thought I’d share a few awesome Mother’s Day cards I found online this week ( since Mother’s Day is quite literally right around the corner).  I’ve also linked the design for a custom card I designed for my Mom!


Printable Cards from the Interwebs (all pics belong their amazing creators! ) Links are in the Description:

and Here’s mine:

我love你 card

you can download the File here

This Card is a lovable mix of Chinese and English (#Chinglish ! ) The text reads ” I love you"half in chinese and half in english.  Definately a throw back to  to my childhood!

Honestly, the dual language develops from a place of desperation.  I wish I could say most of the stories involve times when my siblings and I wanted to explain something important to our parents but couldn’t think of the words in Chinese; how ever it was usually about food! hehehe  Growing up in a mostly Italian-American Catholic school community my parents heard a lot of ” 我要spaghetti !” I’m sure we had some really profound moments too ( as most children do ) but my parents like to remember the petty, everyday, hilarity that ensues over the You Family ” No Speak English ” House Rule. ( which, is a story for another day 😉 )

Happy Mother’d Day Weekend Internet!


Royals Win the World Series

The Royals just won the World Series!!!! I am so excited and proud and buzzing with the need to celebrate.


I’m sharing a Free Printable with the internet so everyone can celebrate with me!!!  Link to the file is below:

Royals 2015 Pennants

(FYI – I don’t really get baseball, but the excitement in KC is totally contagious!)

How are you celebrating “the win” ?