guacamole recipe

very quick post – I’m just too excited !

I formalized my very own guacamole recipe ^^

4 average ripe avocados
1/3 of a head of garlic
1/4th cup regular white vinegar (my special ingredient!)
salt and pepper

Here’s a taco pic (guacamole doesn’t last long enough to photograph¬† ^^)


Why is white vinegar my special ingredient?

1. It keeps the guacamole fresh!
Anyone else ever cry over brown guacamole? Well “no more!” I say.¬† White vinegar has less sugar than lemon/lime juice so the color of your guacamole will stay nice and green (if you’re making it in advance,¬† keep it on the fridge covered. The periphery of the guacamole may turn slightly brown, if so just stir it before serving!)

2.No flavor loss. White vinegar mixes with the avocados to produce bright sweet flavor notes (the garlic is here to give the guacamole a spicy finish)

This recipe is kinda perfect for me in 2 ways.

1. it’s just sweet enough to offset any occasional bitterness from the avocados.

2. I can adjust the saltiness to match the chips/tostadas I’m using without skewing the flavor profile. (have salty chips ? use less salt in the guacamole)

that’s all folks! Let me know what you think about this recipe or better yet tell me,
“how do you prep your guacamole?”